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A little about crystal friends!

A little about crystal friends!

Want to get into crystals? Here is a little information to get you started!

Crystals friends are such lovely little guides in a world where manifestation and intention are important. Although some view them as rocks and stones, they hold much more power than that. Crystals friends are used in the day to day and have many properties that we are unaware of unless we seek to understand their magic.

People wear them on their person, have them in their homes, and everyday, we may be walking past beautiful stones that we are unaware of because they lie just below the surface of what looks like a regular rocks.

There are many reasons why you should own crystals, but you should find out why for yourself. There are many crystal books that will aid you in understanding their properties. One of my favorite books is The Crystal Healer, which you can find on Amazon or your favorite neighborhood bookstore.

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This book color coordinates the crystals which make it easier to find. It also gives you a long list of properties and what they’re used for.

Crystals promote positive environments, energy clearing, emotional, mental and physical well-being. They’re spiritual aids, jewelry, healing, and even decoration for your home to promote all of the above! I personally use crystals mostly for personal development and spirit work and maximize my understanding of myself and all that they are to incorporate their metaphysical magic into my everyday life.

If you have ever wondered about crystals and would like to start using them to improve your life, start now! Head on over to my shop to purchase an item that has a crystal inside!

A common and very good crystal to own is Quartz. When you get your crystals, it is good to carry them with you to get used to their energy. Be on the lookout for our other blogs that give more information into the world of crystals!