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I am a photographer, artist, designer, creator & self-love facilitator. I am a multi-talented individual who enjoys self-care in the form of creating, self-love, and nourishment. I use the time I have alone to create a variety of crafts like painting, sewing, making bath and body products, creating jewelry, and much much more. My passion is in my ability to create and having the (creative) freedom to do so unapologetically. I am devoted to love, self-love, and my spiritual growth. My products are a reflection of said love, with the intention to provide you with a healing energetic exchange through my craft.

The thing that sets my business apart from others would be me. The way that I love myself is rooted in universal unconditional love, which I have never been short of. When I create my products, they are specific products that I am making for myself to pour into me. They are products that will nourish and nurture my body and soul. Everything about the process is rooted in connection and intention. My intention, regardless of growth will always be love from the purest source and that means creating products that I want on my body that come from someone who is creating them with love.

In short, Keep Me Foreva is natural and safe, and the way that I prepare my goods is with care and it is shown even through the way I present my business as a whole. What I am sharing is more than just the products, it is about the intention, love and wanting to help others heal themselves.
I am Lo