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Frequently asked questions & answers

All sales are final!

In good faith, if your jewelry snags or just simply breaks, keep all of the pieces you have. As long as you have the chain and charms that came with your piece I will fix it and return it to you as long as we have the materials to fix it at no additional charge to you. To schedule, a repair send me an email at: All return shipping and postage paid for by the buyer.

How do I care for my jewelry?

All items are handmade and therefore are relatively delicate. Because most items have gold overlay over another metal, it can and will wear in time depending on the frequency of use and how it is cared for.

The most common reason for jewelry breaking is jewelry getting snagged on something. Limiting wearing jewelry with items it is likely to snag on will also preserve your jewelry.

The best way to care for your jewelry is to take it off when you’re sleeping and when you take showers. Do not get it wet if you can avoid it to avoid wear and tear.

Please note that this jewelry will not turn your skin colors but please be conscious of your own physical sensitivities that may cause irritation and allergic reactions to the metal underneath

How soon will I get my package?

I generally ship out all products at the end of every week or the beggining of the week. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing & 5-7 business days for transit. Most items are made to order but some I carry in stock when I make them in bulk.

Those in California will receive their packages much sooner due to proximity.

If you need your package sooner send me an email titled `Urgent`

How do I get my jewelry repaired?

The quickest way to have your jewelry repaired is to send a self-addressed and stamped (PAID) small package to the me. Don’t forget to get tracking for your item to ensure that it gets to the designated location and also protects your package for up to $50 insurance.

IMPORTANT: Send your self addressed and paid for package to

Lo | Keep Me Foreva

2900 S Pacific Ave Bldg 418

P.O. Box 2830

San Pedro, CA 90731-9996

Email me once the package has been sent with the tracking information. 

Please note that only packages that are paid for will be returned. You can also send me an email or PayPal payment for the amount it costs to return the item to you.

If you are local to Los Angeles, other options are available.

Your patience is greatly appreciated as I run this company as a one-woman business.