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Crystal Cleansing

Crystal Cleansing

Crystals hold energy, just like we do. When working with crystals we exchange energy just like we do when having interactions with other people. Crystals are powerful tools that can be used to heal ourselves and create good energy in our environments. Because of an exchange of energy between crystals, environments and people, it is important that we cleanse our crystals regularly.

Cleaning a crystal is easy. There are many ways to do so and it all depends on what feels right for you, and also what methods are easily and or readily available to you and your crystal friends.

Here are the ways to cleanse your stones:

Running water

Running water is one of the most lovely ways to cleanse your crystals. You can take them to a water source such as a river, stream or ocean to cleanse them. If you do not have access to these sources of running water, you can also use the running water from your sink. You can either hold the crystals under running water for a few minutes, or you can run them under the water and let them sit in the sink for a while. You can decide when it is time to remove them.

Note: Some crystals, such as selenite, are water-soluble and will disintegrate. While most crystals are safe to place in running water, it is a good practice to research your crystals and make sure that your crystal is safe.


Sunlight is my preferred method of crystal cleansing. The sun and its light energy cleanse my crystals thoroughly. Once finished bathing in the sun, my crystals feel vibrant and full of life.

Note: be mindful of charging crystals in the sun in terms of making sure that the rays of sun do not redirect into a place where fire can occur. Like a magnifying glass, some crystals (such as crystal balls) can have the same effect. Also, some crystals, such as amethyst, can fade with long term- sun exposure.


The moonlight is my 2nd and sometimes 1st favorite method of cleansing my crystals. Especially during a nice bright energetic full moon. Crystals enjoy the full moon and new moon energy. Leave your crystals under the moonlight overnight to recharge them.


Smudging cleansing spaces, people, energy, and crystals. Smudging is a wonderful practice to take up as they are excellent cleansers. The smoke from your chosen herb or smudge bundle can cleanse your crystals.

When smudging, you can use a feather or feathers like the one in the main image to help waft the smoke in the direction you want it to go in. Everything is based on preference.


Sound can be cleansing. The vibration from certain sounds can cleanse your crystals. Using a Tibetan sound bowl, chanting, or meditation bells can cleanse your crystals. I do not use this method myself, but I should.


Placing your crystals in earth can be cleansing. You can bury them underground, in your garden, in a pot or lay them on top and let them bask in the sun or moonlight in the process. At times, I go to the park and push some of my crystals I am working with into the grass and dirt and let them charge in the sunlight for a while.

You will start to learn what your crystals need and which method you prefer to charge your stones based on how they feel afterwards. Remember, the more you work with your stone, the more it can do for you.

Happy cleansing!

What is your favorite way to cleanse your crystals and why? Comment below!