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Finding your connection to your Pendulum

Finding your connection to your Pendulum

A simple guide to pendulum usage

The purpose of a pendulum is to connect to your spirit and your higher self. My understanding of it is that we have all of the answers that we need, whether or not we are aware of this fact. Our pendulum will connect us to the answers we seek.

Our pendulums are tools that are used to aid us in making decisions. It can help you find lost objects, make decisions about healing, what is wrong with various aspects of self, mental issues, physical ailments, tap into our intuition or get answers to a wide array of things.

Pendulums come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials. The shape itself is not as important. Some come in crystals, some come in metals, some are hollow that you can put crystals, herbs, and oils in to enhance their properties. The key is to find one that resonates with you. I personally, have about 5.


First things first, you will need to figure out how to communicate with your pendulum by asking a series of questions to get a response.

  • Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand (if possible, sit somewhere where your elbow is supported)
  • Ask the pendulum the following questions below and make a mental note of the direction it swings, these will be your answers for future questions.
  • Please note that If you are extremely skeptical, you may hold it back from answering ( I have been here). Just relax your mind and allow the process to happen.

Ask the following questions:

  1. Please show me the answer for yes
  2. Please show me the answer for no
  3. Please show me the answer for maybe
  4. Please show me the answer for I don’t have an answer for that

Usually, the pendulum will move a certain way for each of these. Some pendulums work better than others, it depends on a variety of factors. I’ve given away pendulums that resonate better with someone other than myself.

After you have all of the answers your pendulum gave you, you can begin working with your pendulum in whatever way you see fit. I sometimes ask it questions such as whether or not my name is what it actually is, vs something else to see if I get a correct answer!

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Happy swinging all!