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I create to connect with my soul.

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connect with soul

I create to connect with my soul.

The reason why I started this company was because of an overload of creations that I had made. I remember making one too many necklaces and constantly being asked where I got them from. After explaining that I made them myself, other’s would always inquire as to where they could buy them. Years later, I created an addition to my photography company Beautiful Souls Aligned. The idea was that our souls align through our creations and intentions. I saw the addition of my company turn into an extension of me.


One day, my photography website seemed to have too many options. I was concerned that it would drive people away instead of to it. That was when I decided to branch off the artisan crafts from BSA and create a sister company instead.

My creations are intended to support your spirit and help you manifest love & healing.

The intention is still the same. There is still an alignment in all that I do. Love brings it all together. With the help of my gifts from the other company, I used those skills to help build and grow this one.


All that I have to offer here, is a labor of love. I share my love, my energy, my spirit with you. In the end, beautiful souls align everyday. This is just another way to connect in a loving way and support one another.