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Keep Me Foreva is a way of life.

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way of life

Keep Me Foreva is a way of life.

For as long as I can remember I have been making things that enhance the quality of my own personal life. Jewelry, hair oil, face oil, facial mists, bath salts, sugar scrubs, paintings, and much more. The people closest to have had the luxury of being gifted these items when special occasions come around, and often, just because. Before I take a bath, I light candles, run the bath water and pour a few drops of essential oils into my water before pouring an Epsom salt mixture into the water to dissolve. This is all a part of a good self- care regimen. Once I am finished with my bath, I put a gentle face oil on my face to moisturize it and then I lotion my body with a shea butter lotion mixture that I created especially for myself. All of these items have crystals giving them energy and intention to support some aspect of my spirituality.

A life without spirituality is no life at all.

Keep Me Foreva supports my physical well-being while nurturing my soul. Thus, Keep Me Foreva is a way of life by providing constant nourishment and self love in its existence.How Special it is to be so intentionally involved in the created to assist in self-care by constantly making a space to love yourself by tending to your mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. .

way of life

I am here to share with you my love. Keep Me Foreva is a brand that is made with love, for the body and soul. I encourage you to choose items that speak to your individual needs. I encourage you to love yourself, be kind to yourself, and basque in self-care as often as possible.   

All my love,


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