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Love, Relationships, and Self-Care

Love, Relationships, and Self-Care

3 Tips to balance self-care habits and healthy relationships

Loving and taking care of yourself while sustaining healthy relationships can sometimes be a challenging part of our lives to manage. Think about it, we have our relationship with self, with loved ones near and far, and all while attempting to maintain the daily activities that tend to our individual needs.

In our daily lives, we cultivate various types of bonds; familial relationships, friendships, intimate ties, and professional alliances. All of these types of relations require some level of commitment, in giving a part of ourselves to another in exchange for that individual doing the same for us. I say that because that’s what connections are — it’s a dynamic exchange of energy. Our energy is a currency, and with this energy exchange, we have to be very mindful of how we spend and share it with others. 

There must be a balance when sharing parts of yourself with others, not wearing yourself thin by over-extending your time through giving too much. Engage in acts of self-care and nurture one of the most important relationships there is, the one with self. 


When it comes to self-care, it doesn’t matter the type of ritual that you practice as long as you are loving yourself and taking care of your needs. The reality is, if you’re not there for yourself, then how can you be there for someone else? 

I want to discuss love, relationships and self-care with the focus on how we can share our love with others while taking care of ourselves as well. Below, you’ll find 3 tips to balance self-care habits and healthy relationships. These are not in any specific order of importance. 


The first that I would like to discuss is to make time for yourself. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s often the act of showing up for oneself that gets put on the back-burner. No matter what you have going on in your life or the commitments that you have made to others, make sure that you commit time and energy to yourself. Remind yourself to do the things that you love and the things that you are passionate about. 

Ask yourself — what feeds my soul? Then, do it often. Take the extra time to tune into your body to give yourself the proper nourishment it needs. Cater to your body, mind, and spirit. Focus on activities that bring a sense of calm. This can include grounding techniques or simply by taking personal time to clear your mind through meditation or outdoor activities.

I practice grounding techniques consistently. I also like to make sure that I eat well and feed my body the proper nutrients so that my temple may operate at its optimal best. Take some time and treat yourself to a soothing bath and to recalibrate and ground your energy.


The second point that I’d like to mention is to create healthy boundaries. When you’re creating boundaries in relationships you’re letting others know that this is the furthest that I’m willing to go. You’re saying, “I respect myself enough to know that I have a limit and I am expressing and communicating that with you.” Yes, sometimes in working relationships that may be a bit different because deadlines and projects exist. However, there is a decent way to communicate that to your boss and colleagues in a respectful manner.

You’re simply expressing that you’re mindful of your well-being. That you can still do the job at hand, but that your health is a priority. Some job cultures don’t operate this way and that is unfortunate. I am in no way suggesting that you quit your job and lose the financial means to provide for yourself or your family. However, if you are in the space to choose a career that matches or compliments your lifestyle, go for it.  

With personal relationships, things are a bit different. These relationships are more intimate and the boundaries that will be established here don’t include deadlines, so this can be navigated differently. However, these relationships do include expectations. When two people are in a relationship together, there are typical roles that one another take on. This clearly may not be true for all relationships, but ideally in the form of husband and wife or committed partnerships. 

These expectations can include faithfulness, going on dates, co-parenting, responsibilities around the home, etc. Keep in mind that although I make mention of “commitments” — healthy relationships support independence in these committed unions. The boundaries are established when you’re able to communicate your feelings and personal choices in respectful ways. This can look like, “I’m not feeling well; I don’t like it when you say this to me or I don’t like how this makes me feel.” The two make compromises with each other’s boundaries in a way that is serving one another and the partnership. 


The third point; we’ll go a little deeper. Become familiar with your throat chakra. The throat chakra is located at your throat. Chakras are known as our energy centers. We have 7 energy centers (chakras), in the body. The throat chakra helps with self-expression and healthy forms of communicating.

There are exercises that you can practice for the throat chakra, along with healing stones that work in synchronicity with this chakra and foods that you can eat as well. People are not mind-readers and the only way someone will know what your personal needs are — is by way of communicating those needs. Communication can be a barrier in relationships, which ultimately can interfere with the love and care that an individual desires and provides. Assessing and balancing your chakras is a great way to bring alignment to your body, mind, and spirit — catering to your self-care needs. Learn more about chakras here

You may also elect to take healthy communication courses for relationships. Another option is to sit down with your partner and make a decision to work on communicating with one another in a way that is open and safe. In doing so, you’re taking care of your personal needs and the needs of your partner as well. 

You never want to self-sacrifice in ways that are harmful to your overall health and wellness. Your well-being is your priority and should always be taken into account when making decisions that include the relationships in your life. Be a woman that is in tune with your energy and a woman who is true to herself. Recognize when you need to take time away from the hustle and bustle of life to take care of your livelihood in meaningful ways. Remain true to the woman looking back at you in the mirror, so you can honestly say that you’re happy with where you are and the woman that you’re becoming. Chant the mantra, “I am doing this by nurturing the relationship that I have with myself.”

Be well Queens and remember self-love is self-care.

Written by: Tiffany Nicole, HHC, Oracle, Healer + AuthorAuthor of Website: Tiffany Nicole: Healing From Within | healertiffany.comSocial: IG: @healertiffany

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