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Dear Stranger Evolved | Mini Meditation Kits

Dear Stranger Evolved | Mini Meditation Kits

Many years ago…

I purchased a pack of mini cards and wrote thousands of handwritten notes of each of them and left them all over the place for people to find. I remember my friends and family loved it. This is something that they all knew that I did and some of them particularly loved that very much about me.

I used to find joy in leaving them in the most random places (usually the coffee shops I frequented) for people to find, knowing that it would probably make their day, or even moment. The notes were full of positive thoughts, or good intentions towards the person, whoever they were. About a week ago I found one of them in an old box and it made me smile.

On my way home One evening, I passed a place that once used to have good memories attached to it, that now is associated with a not so positive memory. I instinctively took out a small piece of sage that had broken off of a larger bundle and lit it as I passed said place. In this moment, the mini meditation kit was born.

In that moment, my intention was to clear the negative energy that was now associated with this place that was forever a happy place of mine. I lit the sage and took in deep breaths as I intentionally cleared my energy as well as the energy that I had allowed to become associated with the area. I was choosing the space that I wanted to exist in moving forward. I came home and was going through some of my things and found a bunch of random things laying around. In my space its not unheard of to find tons of crystals, packaging, herbs and more. I found a bag of broken up sage, some clear envelopes and a bag of crystals and thought “OH MY GOD!” Dear Stranger was reborn.

My friend checked in with me (we have unintentional daily check-ins) and I told her that I was creating some mini something or others told her what I was doing. I sent her a picture and she called it a mini meditation kit. That’s exactly what it was.

My intention was to create an item that could be used anywhere, whenever you need it for a quick meditation or intentional clearing of your own energy, or the energy of the space that you’re occupying.

I have spent the last two days working on just creating samples to distribute to strangers who do not know me just to intentionally create a space of love, mental health awareness and wellness, even if just for a moment. Dear Stranger has been taking to another level for there is not just a note with something positive, but an actual item that comes with sage, a crystal and an intention note. My only hope is that the right people find it at a time when they need it the most.

I currently have 200 pieces to distribute in the city of Los Angeles. Today I gave one directly to a few people who brought a smile to my day just through having casual conversation. There is a true labor of love invested in every single one of these. I hope that you can feel it.

I am going to be working on larger Meditation Kits for a variety of things and there will also be a non-free version of it available for sale soon in the shop for less than $5.00.

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