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There is a famous quote by Osho about flower picking that has never settled in with me.

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.”


I understand his sentiment but do not agree wholeheartedly. After reading this quote, I continued to pick flowers boldly and intentionally. What Osho forgot to mention is that the flowers will die anyway. Like people, flowers do not exist indefinitely. Like people, flowers are beautiful.

I recently went on a hike that was stunning! Field of dreams is what it was called. There was an abundance of beautiful flowers. Two weeks later, those same flowers were completely gone. There was not one single flower left. They died. The field was no longer alive and blooming. It was dry and lacking in color. This is a part of the cycle of life for all life forms.

Keep Me Forever was build out of love in its entirety. Picking a flower, for me, is an act of love. I love flowers. I think they are precious and gentle. I remember picking flowers and watching them wilt in my home. With fresh water, at times I could bring them back to life for a little while. Once the flowers expired most of them were still beautiful in death. They could now be preserved and saved as long as one wished as long as they remained careful with them.

I created a handmade flower press to preserve my flowers. I carved Keep Me Forever into the front of the press as a reminder of the beauty that I was creating. I started putting them into paintings, letters, journals, etc. I now carried them with me through life.

Osho never talked about this part of the death of the flower. The flowers were often just as beautiful in death. Osho never talked about the fact that flowers will die anyway. I wonder if Osho understood the reason for picking a flower to appreciate its beauty beyond that moment. Picking flowers is not about obsession, possession, and non-appreciation. Its an extension of love. A desire to keep love nearby, a desire to feel love whenever you are reminded of the flower’s presence. Like people, flowers are to be enjoyed and loved. Like people, flowers cannot be owned as possessions but they can be loved and appreciated while they are around.

Ironically, I put the initial carving of the flower press on a corkboard in my room to also preserve it instead of tossing it. Like a flower, it would be remembered as long as I had it there. When my mom passed away on April 21, 2017, I put pictures of her above the cutout. Like a flower, I would have memories of her to last my lifetime. After a conversation with a friend, Keep Me Foreva ended up being the name of the company you now know, and hopefully love.

Life is not promised to any of us. At any moment, we can become to picked flower who’s life span has always had a ticking clock or the flower that dies in a field. Neither one of those flowers is guaranteed life. This world loses people every day. These days, it feels like death is closer to all of us than we could have ever imagined. So water your flowers, water yourself, water your people, and treat them well.

And I say:

If you love a flower and you want to pick it, pick it. But pick it with love, intention, and appreciation. Care for it until its expiration and appreciate every moment that you have with it. Because like people, you do not know how long before that flower will no longer be alive.

Lo Alexander

Love all ways, always.