Lavender & Frankincense mineral bath soak

Specially formulated to cleanse, elevate and soothe the mind, body & soul. This handmade soak promotes growth of new cells while promoting a rejuvenating, detoxing, at home spa experience. This gentle fragrance subtly calms the soul, relieves anxiety, stress and helps with insomnia.

This bath soak gently aids the body in relaxation, muscle ache relief.

Contains vitamin A, B and E from natural sources.

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Lavender & Frankincense mineral Bath Soak

Contains vitamin A, B and E from natural sources.

This concoction is made in small batches to preserve its powerful healing properties. It contains a blend of herbs, rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Includes Lavender flowers & frankincense powder & essential oils.

– Quintessentially Lavender nourishes and helps with aching muscles, relief and .

Sea Salt helps to cleanse pores, exfoliate skin, absorb toxins, reduce stress, balance oil production and reduce bacteria.



I recommend pouring half of the contents of the bottle into running bath water to ensure that it will distribute evenly and dissolve while the bath fills up.

KEY INGREDIENTS for bath soak

Lavender flowers, zeolite powder, jojoba oil, Himalayan sea salt, Epsom salt.


Free from: SLS, parabens, silicone, synthetic colors, paraffin and petrolatum wax.

Contains 100% natural ingredients | simple ingredients

Not tested on animals.

Suitable for all skin types

Made in small batches to preserve its properties.

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