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Obsidian Aqua Necklace


Blue Obsidian is the stone of the Water Element; drawing a parallel between us and our aquatic energies. For those who practice Elemental rituals, the Blue Obsidian gemstone is an exciting stone to channel the mystic properties of water. It is also a stone of the mind, allowing clarity & focus for psychic practices; receiving visions, lucid dreams, and encouraging intuitive power. Through the power of the Water Element, it facilitates the practices of telepathy; both receiving and sending messages. It is a wonderful stone for encouraging astral travel and keeping you true to your abilities to discover and engage in adventure with all life around you.

Blue Obsidian is a see-through, clear blue gemstone that is an robin’s egg or aqua blue in color. While it is a man-made glass, it is an accepted member of the gemstone community.

Please note that all crystals will come in the crystal variety of your choice, but may or may not be the exact crystal listed in the main image as crystals rarely have the same shape.

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Obsidian Aqua Blue.

A pretty pale blue, almost translucent crystal that is best used by wearing it on your body for long periods of time, especially on your throat chakra.


it aids in divination and psychic development and can help provide intuitive knowledge during astral traveling.


Aqua Blue Obsidian helps to calm feelings of anger and frustration and balances extremes of moods. It will assist in removing feelings of apprehension and sadness and encourages a healthy trust in your God, Goddess or whatever you choose as your spiritual guide.


Aqua Blue Obsidian helps to clear mental confusion as it clears and sorts needed information from all the swirls of what we take in and store. It also facilitates the practice of telepathy and helps to encourage astral travel.


Aqua Blue Obsidian, like most Obsidians, are known for providing insight into the emotional causes of physical illness. As it relieves stress and eases tensions in the muscles, circulation and artery health has been shown to improve.

Zodiac Affinity

Aqua Blue Obsidian has a special affinity with Pisces but benefits all signs. Its Energy is Projective, its Planet is Neptune, and its Element is Water. A great one for those involved in public speaking.

All crystals are cleansed and charged by the energies and light of the sun and moon. The crystals are also cleansed by way of running water and energies from larger crystals that aid in charging. If you would like me to program these stones for something specific then please add a note or send me a message.

The healing crystal meanings are for spiritual support and are not prescriptions or health care information.

Please note due the fact these are natural stones the colours may vary and not be exactly like the picture. This in no way effects the properties of the stones.


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