Sleep Well Bath Tea


A vegan-friendly blend of hand-picked herbs and salts specially formulated to support your intention for relaxation & and good nights rest. Herbs and salts help promote relaxation and through aromatic fragrances that calm the mind, body, and soul and assist in your personal experience of loving yourself and tending to your mental, physical and emotional self-nourishment.


Infused w/ the energies of crystals, the Sun and the Moon.








Sleeping Tea Bags

Each bag comes with three individual tea bags for up to three baths. Each set of three comes with a crystal in the encasement!

Directions: Add pouch to running bath water. Squeeze pouch into water during bath to release nutrients & enjoy. For the best experience, turn off lights & light candles.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Epsom salt, self-heal herb, chamomile, lavender, mini roses, jasmine flowers, blue vervain, rose hip seeds



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