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Project Woman – First Contact

Project Woman – First Contact


Either you found me, I found you, someone connected us by tagging you or word of mouth. To save time, I have typed this up for general information to see if you’re interested in working with me on my project. I recently had a conversation with an amazing woman whilst on an adventure. The conversation inspired me to want to tell her story, as we shared our individual stories with each other. We both seemed really inspired by one another and in this conversation, I decided that I want to use my space of love to document many stories. I will be developing a series of questions, and also allowing spirit to guide me during our session that I will be using to create the blog post itself.

In short, I am interested in capturing your essence. Learning about you and sharing your journey and story. If you’re not near LA, I am still interested in your story and journey. In this case, you will have to provide me with a high-quality photograph of yourself to put as the main blog image and any other images that you might think would help me to display any relevant details to your life. (Please note that these images will be used on my website, blog, my social media accounts @beautifulsoulsaligned & @keepmeforeva and perhaps one day in an art gallery). If another photographer took the picture, I will need their name to give them credit.

If interested, please send me any availability you have starting May 1 to schedule a in-person meeting asap. This will be an ongoing project through 2019. I hope to speak to 2 or more women a month.

For maximum productivity, I prefer email communication as sometimes I go on a hiatus from social media. Those who contact me via email and fill out this form will have first priority. Only fill out the form if I will be taking your pictures and we will be meeting face to face, otherwise, just send me an email with your availability.

I can be contacted directly at .

I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. Please feel free to forward this link to anyone you are inspired by or think might be interested.

Again, the key is to Email me your availability (you can select a preferred date through the form).

This is the best way for me to keep up with this project and send you any relevant information about upcoming dates and more.