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Project Woman

Project Woman

Either you found me, I found you, or someone sent us to each other by word of mouth. To save time, I have typed this up for general information. In my own business venture exploration, I recently had the pleasure of having a conversation with an amazing woman that inspired me through allowing space for this vision to come to fruition through casual conversation. She reminded me of my own strength and power in acknowledging something or someone that I had lost sight of. I decided that I wanted to want to document her story and instantly I decided that I want to use my space of love to document many stories.

Everything I create is with and through love. I often call upon my hire self to guide me through my venture and my journey.

I will be developing a series of general questions that I’m going to use as a basis for a blog/photo series. These questions come directly from my own knowledge driven curiosities, understanding of humanity and appreciation of women and all that we stand for. In short, I’m interested in capturing your essence and your story. Id like to use my platform, regardless of how small, to give to the community by showcasing your magnificence, your drive, your passion and YOUR love. Not enough people share others stories or endeavors in an attempt to build the community up. If you have a business to share and details about it, I’d like to bring that to mthe forefront as well. If you’re not near LA, I’m still interested in your story and journey. If you come to LA, reach out and let’s schedule a shoot! otherwise, you can provide me with a photograph of your choice. If interested, please send me any availability you have for the next few months to schedule a call to discuss the prompts. After that, I’ll schedule a 30 min photoshoot with you.

Please keep in mind that in an effort to maintain my own sanity and self care, I will pause said project at any time in order to disconnect, recharge and reconnect with self.

If you’re not chosen for project, there might be other opportunities in the future, or discounted sessions to accommodate your personal and business needs. This is a soul calling, and therefore, I will be following my intuition in my selection.

This is an ongoing project (through 2019).

Please email beautifulsoulsaligned if interested.

Visit to view my portfolio.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All my love,

ALSO CHECK : I create to connect with my soul