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Social Media Management for small business owners

Social Media Management for small business owners

Small business owners, medium scale enterprises, and business people in general, understand the role that social media management plays in marketing in this century. Since the social media space experienced the transformation that brought us the more interactive and engaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, the marketing potential for social media has continued to grow upwards; at a faster rate than any other marketing trend before now. This is based on the structure on which most of these social media platforms are designed and built – to be primarily personal, engaging and interactive. Now, more than ever, the internet has actually encouraged socialization on a scale that mailing letters or sitting in front of television sets or reading newspapers never could have.

This is why more and more business people are considering ways to implement marketing strategies that integrate the use of social media effectively for their communication. The explanation above is also why many small business owners are constantly looking for ways to use social media for their marketing campaigns. Considering the fact that social media promises more reach and engagement with little to no expense, it is a more efficient way of marketing. However, for many of these business owners, both large and small scale, running campaigns on social media is unfamiliar or difficult work. This is why the large-scale business people simply hire professionals to handle the task, while the small-scale business people seek out ways to overpass the difficulties and manage their own social media marketing on their own, saving extra money and time.

If you fall on either side of the divide, this article would be beneficial to you. Here, we will consider some posts and blog entries available online that help discuss the topic of social media management, the difficulties of growing followers and the task of maintaining conversation or communication with those followers in the overhaul. This list is designed to help small business owners learn how to manage their social media pages for conversion, and help large business owners learn how their company’s social media works generally, to enable them the ability or knowledge necessary for monitoring growth and progress. If you fall in any of these categories, take time to consider these links and put the knowledge to work to help your business grow faster in due time.

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One thing I have learned, is that nothing is promised. I’ve spent time working on my website using many tools, I’ve read many articles, scheduled many posts,  and the only thing that has been consistent is me. ? I have watched my businesses grow at a very slow rate and even sitting on Instagram scrolling for people who might be in my line of interest only gets me a few followers a week. I have paid for ads and often it just results in more likes, little follows and almost no page visits.

The bottom line is, social media is a chance situation. But you can increase your chances by using free tools to get to where you need to be. Anyone who promises you a ton of new followers you should definitely be questioning. It would take a lot of real consistent, dedication and constant interaction with only Instagram to grow your business its possible, just not easy.

So for now, invest in yourself and use free tools to help you out. I’m starting to question whether or not ads are the equivalent to standing at a register and grabbing items that you don’t need.

What types of tools do you use for social media?  What has worked and what hasn’t?  Comment below!