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Surround yourself with the right people

Surround yourself with the right people

This morning I woke up and I immediately got out of bed and started cleaning. Truthfully, I do not know where the energy came from but it was powerful. My mind was already going with all of the things that I have to get done, or can do, need to do and want to do. A million miles an hour as I started in the bathroom, moved to the kitchen and then to my bedroom to get things in order. I didn’t realize that I was clearing the energy and creating a new energy in the space for what I was about to work on And what I want to pour into in the upcoming days, ME. Today is the first day that I am going to the gym after over a year of not going. All of a sudden I had the energy, mental focus and passion to get things done in a way that I haven’t been feeling.

With a mix of what has been happening with the moon placements, the alignment of the stars and planets, the mix of energy with the people I have been around, the jobs I have been working at, etc. the energy has been all over the place. There are days when I am in the mood to be productive, and there are days when I simply and completely am not and can barely get out of bed. On this day in particular, I realize that the people I have been surrounding myself with have been helping to nurture my spirit just simply by being present in the love that we cultivate towards each other with sincerity and authenticity. Simply put, they make me feel good at all times. The people that I have been surrounding myself with love me unconditionally for who I am and expect nothing from me other than for me to be who I am. Not only that, they appreciate me and the time and energy that I invest into the moments that we share. They uplift me and pour love into me in the same way that I do them. They want the best for me and are willing to be the best TO me. They honor me and the love that I offer, and they do not take advantage of it.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to surround yourself with the right energy, especially if you are an empath or a sensitive soul. Sometimes people only give you some good and then turn around and cancel it out with the opposite energy. When you are around people who give love at all times and not just when they are in the mood or people who love you without harming you in any capacity, your spirit will respond differently to the world around you. If you are around people who are comfortable taking advantage of you, using you, taking from you, giving you a hard time about who you are, not nurturing the sensitive parts of you, or a plethora of other things you will notice the ways that it shifts how you see yourself, how you feel, etc. If you have friends who give you a hard time about not being available, or put responsibility on you to deal with how they feel without ever caring about how you feel, guilt tripping, manipulating and so many other things that people learn to do that they don’t realize they’re doing, it will affect your day to day.

So again, surround yourself with the right energy. You deserve the best. Especially if you’re being your best self. Sometimes we want to see the energy that we extend out into the world in other people and so we will find it in them even if in the smallest of ways, and or they themselves, will project it because thats what they WANT to be vs who they are at heart. We will also overlook the other parts of them that negate the very thing we love about who we think they are. We make excuses for bad behavior and for people mistreating us out of understanding and a desire to love no matter what. However, we owe it to ourselves to make better decisions. We owe it to ourselves to treat ourselves better by surrounding ourselves with people who are going to love us the way we deserve NOW without waiting for the day that they decide they’re willing to put in the effort. The right people don’t have a timer on when you deserve to be treated well. The right people will treat you well all the time, and when they don’t, they will acknowledge that they didn’t and do better.

You are deserving. At all times, not just sometimes. Everyday. All Day. And in all ways.

Always remember that.

With love,