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The Emotional Moon

The Emotional Moon

The emotional moon is a term I coined to express that the moon guides my emotional state at times. Since the beginning of time, people have been linking the moon to human behaviors and how it affects our mood and emotions. In the past, the lunar cycle was used to define emotions – e.g., the full moon was a time of social activity and hyper-activeness while the new moon was a time to go inward and reflect.

Although we don’t need the light of the moon in today’s society to gather, our innate, intuitive, and evolutionary systems are still wired to conform to the lunar cycle.

One of my favorite crystals to use when doing moon work around the emotional moon is a moonstone which you can learn about here:

Here is how different phases of the lunar cycle affect our emotions:

New Moon

The sun and moon are on the same side of the earth. The sun isn’t facing the moon, making it seem like the moon’s dark side faces the earth.

This moon represents a time of retreat, new beginnings, clean slates, and fresh starts. Intense reboot – Recharge under the new moon’s energy and regain your strength for a new start. In this period, you may feel anti-social and introverted for no reason.

Waxing Crescent

The sun moves closer to the new moon. The moon starts becoming illuminated again, as a crescent appears, waxing and growing bigger into a first-quarter moon.

This moon represents hopes, intentions, and wishes. After you recharging under the new moon, your desires and intentions are ready to be sown. Develop your intentions, write checks to the universe, and lay the mental foundation for your next project.

First Quarter Moon

At this stage, the moon completes one-quarter of its monthly cycle of phases.

This moon occurs a week after a new moon. This is the phase we start feeling resistance to our planted intentions; the first hurdles at achieving your goals are experienced here. Surrounding themes include challenges, decisions, and action.

Waxing Gibbous

The waxing moon is just a phase away from transforming into a full moon. It is easily spotted during the day as a significant part of it is illuminated.

This moon phase helps us realize that things don’t always align as planned. It is a period to reevaluate, give up, or change course.  The surrounding themes include adjustment, refining, and editing.

Full Moon

The full moon is also called the Harvest Moon. The sun and the moon are now on opposite sides of the earth. Since the sun is directly across the moon, its light completely illuminates the moon, and the moon appears complete to the earth.

The moon and sun on opposite sides of the earth also mean they’re in opposite zodiac signs. This results in increased tension as we battle to gain a balance between two extremes. In this period, emotion can run high, so you mustn’t get too emotional or attached to things within this phase.

This is also the phase of reaping your planted intentions’ benefits, thus the name, Harvest Moon. These benefits come as new opportunities – a reward for your hard work the previous week. Ensure you’re ready and open to receiving them.

Waning Gibbous

The moon starts being less illuminate again after a full moon and wanes towards the last quarter moon and eventually another new moon.

The surrounding themes here are gratitude, sharing, and enthusiasm. As you begin to feel the benefits of your hard work over the last two weeks and witnessing some of the outcomes of your previously set intentions and goals, you’ll be feeling full of love. There’s an urge to give back to the people around you – may be a befitting gift for your spouse or best friend.

This is among those periods you might burn a hole in your wallet. Resist going too overboard but don’t hold back on spending additional time and money on loved ones.

Last Quarter Moon

This is the reverse of the first quarter moon as the cycle makes its way back to a new moon. After the full moon phase, the moon wanes get smaller, into another gibbous and then the last quarter.

The surrounding themes include release, letting go, and forgiveness. As the moon’s size gradually decreases, you need to be ready to forgo some stuff. Across the month, you’ve experienced hurt or anger in several ways. This moon phase encourages us to get rid of grudges and anger in preparation for receiving new intentions you’ll plant again as the next new moon approaches.

Waning Crescent

The fraction of the moon illuminated decreases as it makes its way to a new moon.

The surrounding themes include surrender, rest, recuperate. There might be a feeling of emptiness during this period. You’ve gone through a complete lunar cycle and getting ready for a new cycle. This might have come and gone during this lunar cycle. Relax now, and surrender to the universe. A few things will always be beyond your control. Allow fate to take its course.

The moon has the capacity to impact our lives in subtle and drastic ways. The more that you know, the more prepared you can be to work with it and use it to your advantage. How do you work with the emotional moon? What have you noticed about the different moon phases and how it impacts your life?

All my love,