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Woman Of Letters

Woman Of Letters

Elisabet Garcia is a queer 23 year old writer. She is a Los Angeles Native who recently graduated with her degree in Anthropology, and is pursuing a career in creative writing. Her genre of choice is fictional stories that stem from the things in life that move her spirit and make her want to take action. Her aspirations and goals steer her towards becoming a novelist in the future.

She is shy, kind, loving and powerful in her own right. She has a great calm, reserved but bubbly personality that exudes love and compassion. She is passionate about her heritage and the history behind its culture so she dedicates herself to it as well as her spirituality and her experiences. In her family and community, there are a lot of people who have mixed immigration status’s. She comes from two generations of women who migrated here to the states. Her grandmother and her mother both left Chile during the dictatorship and this has been something that she is interested in understanding as is plays a huge role in her family. She understands that these experiences have shaped her family dynamic and have even created blockages that Impact her life and the lives of others.

She began writing in middle school when she was introduced to free writing and poetry in her English class. Her journaling and free writing and tends to be geared towards topics of healing and trauma. She heals herself through healing the present and past generations and uses writing as a tool to trace her trauma and heal it in whatever ways she is able to. Her dream novel will have a reconstruction of her family’s history and past and the ways that that trauma has manifested generation after generation.

Because trauma is a huge element on her life path, I asked her what she does for self care and she said “Self care is immensely important for me. And I find self care in really listening to what my body needs. Every morning I make sure to have breakfast, try to get a decent amount of sleep, speak kindly to myself, give my body the nutrients it needs, and move it around. Enjoying the sun, breeze, listening to the birds, appreciating the little things around me are all central to my self care as well.”

During our interview I became increasingly aware of the fact that writing is definitely in the cards for her future. It seems to be what she is most passionate about and feels the most pulled to do in life. She is currently traveling in Mexico after graduating from her undergrad program and will be using the next year to work on her portfolio for grad school. She’s working on a series of short stories and has a dream goal of becoming a novelist. Part of her current writing journey consists of writing for travel websites as a guest blogger where she discusses travel and immigration.

Her writing is healing, but also to let’s others know that they are not alone. In my own conversations with her there was space for healing in just finding comfort in knowing and hearing her journey, struggles and resiliency.

“I use my stories and articles as resources I hope can offer people help, insight, and inspiration. My favorite thing that I have written is something I haven’t written yet.”

Like all of us, she struggles with balancing life and trying to pursue her dreams. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with Elisabet about her life, her journey and her story. This project is about community and healing so when asked what community means to her, she said “Community to me means having a place or space of belonging, acceptance, and love. To me, it means having a place to share experiences, truths, struggles, thrive. As a survivor of intense childhood abuse, I never thought I would see myself where I am today. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story. ✨”

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